Esthetics by Haley|Branding

I got to spend a couple hours with Haley last month and see just how amazing she is at her job. She was great with clients and I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing AND she loved doing it. Owning your own business is tough and even more so as marketing and social media evolves. You not only have to be amazing at what you are offering to clients but also how you present yourself to them via social sites. This is where I come in, I chatted with Haley about what she wanted out of a branding session. We came to the conclusion that she wanted images that she could use to promote herself and her services to clients via a website and through social media. When I arrived we did a few headshots, images in front of her super cool sign, and then we waited on her client to arrive. This is where Haley shined, as soon as her client walked in she was greeted with a smile and such warmth. I got to watch her as she worked and we even had fun shooting a video! I can't wait to see the images used to promote her and watch her growth. Definitely check her out on Facebook here.